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Hi everyone! I'm Melissa.

I grew up in a loving and positive family and my Mum & Dad are still going strong in their mid 80's and have a wonderful relationship. I believed that it was also my future to get married, have a family and support my husband in his career.

But my story didn't quite pan out that way and I found myself disappointed, disillusioned, divorced and facing single parenthood. I couldn't believe it! My life was not meant to go that way.

What I finally faced was that no one was going to "save" me. And I realised it was within me to save myself. That I didn't have to rely on someone else for my security.

That was the beginning of me finding my real strength and my voice.

I built a career for myself and have navigated many challenges as a single parent but I've always felt like I had more potential in me, that there was something else I was meant to do. I just didn't know what it was or how to make it happen. I felt like I needed a change, a way to break out of the routine that no longer inspired me and find my purpose, my passion.

An online business was appealing because I could do it part time whilst working full time in my 9-5 job but when I first considered building an online business, I was definitely intimidated. I had so many questions and concerns. What if I wasn't tech-savvy enough? What if I invested money and it failed? What product or service would I offer?

When I found Launch You everything changed. They provided the support, coaching and clear step-by-step tools I needed to start building a successful online business to achieve the freedom and financial independence I wanted.

I now yearn for the freedom to work from anywhere, to be able to travel and not be tied down to a physical location. I want to remove any ceiling from my income, know that I can retire when I choose and not worry about how I'll make the money last!

And so, I've created Life by Intent to help empower others like you live your best life.

I’m passionate about sharing the Launch You opportunity with you so you can access the same training, resources and support you need to start taking intentional steps and take control of your life. My mission is to help you find your own path to freedom and purpose, and create the future you want.

Living with intention can be transformational and let’s face it, in the end, we only get one go at this dance called "life" so we need to make it count. I’m here to help you in any way I can, so go check out the free videos and let’s do this!


To empower individuals like you to design and live a fulfilling life of freedom and purpose. With my ambassadorship of the incredible Launch You ecosystem, I can help empower, educate, and support you in achieving your version of success with our proven online business blueprint that, if followed, will make your success in life and business inevitable.


I am a proud ambassador of Launch You, and my vision for you, a powerful creator, is to construct your own reality through intentional actions; a life by your own design where you can reside in a place of flow and purpose, making a living not just by what you do but as a byproduct of the positive impact your work has on the lives of others.


"I like to imagine a time where every person makes a living doing something they truly love".


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